So what is 'Bare' Food anyway?

We care a lot about the food we make you here in our café. So much that we make a lot of it in-house. This is because we want to know not only is our food as tasty as it can be, but as healthy as it can be too. Wherever you see the word ‘Bare’ on our menu, you know that we’ve made it with the love and care it deserves here on West Street.


These are just some of our ‘Bare’ foods…


  • Bare Muesli – A healthy mix of oat flakes, spelt rye, barley flakes, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, coconuts and dates
  • Bare Beans – Our homemade beans are rich and have a bit of spice to them
  • Bare Cheese – Ask us for our homemade cheese and you’ll enjoy a creamy variety with a hint of paprika
  • Bare Mayonnaise – The mayonnaise we make is a mix of cauliflower and mint
  • Bare Slaw – A unique blend of diced vegetables with natural yoghurt and sesame
  • Bare Pesto – Our pesto isn’t any old pesto – it’s an Indian pesto made with coriander and more
  • Bare Hummus – Like all hummus, ours is made from chickpeas. To liven things up a little we’ve added some roasted beetroot
  • Bare Jalapenos – The jalapenos we serve are soaked in star anise for an extra kick!
The Bare Food Company

Fancy a treat this weekend? Try our new carrot cake with coconut cream icing and you won’t end up being bold. It’s completely sugar-free, made with almonds and cinnamon and full of goodness

Bare Breakfast

Looking for a healthy alternative to the full Irish? Try the Bare Breakfast – grilled tomato, mushroom, Bare baked beans, sweet potato hash brown, turkey rasher, chicken sausage & a poached egg.

From our breakfast menu, this is ‘Rod’s Poached Eggs’ – locally produced poached eggs from Rod’s Organic Eggs with Bare baked beans served on sour dough bread from Knead Artisan Bakery, also from Louth.