Our Ethos is Simple

We offer clean, fresh, heart-healthy, delicious foods and drinks. ‘Bare’ food to us means serving non-processed, freshly prepared, sugar free foods that are fundamentally good for you.

Some of our dishes are seasonal to add variety to our daily specials menu while taking advantage of nutritious seasonal produce at the same time. Some of our dishes cater for dietary requirements with a keen focus on those practicing a vegan diet. All these dishes share one common goal – to be as tasty as good for you as possible.

With this in mind we’ve created our own ‘bare foods’ to include ‘Bare Mayo’, ‘Bare Slaw’, ‘Bare Cheese’ and our ‘Bare Smoothie’ to name but a few.

If you have a food allergy and/or intolerance, you’ll be catered for. If you only want gluten and dairy free foods, you’ll be catered for. But most importantly, if you’re in search for healthy, tasty food that isn’t bad for you, you’ll be catered for too.

The Bare Food Company