12 things you can do to make the next 12 months better for you

Over the last week, we’ve been looking back on the last 12 months since we opened our doors for the first time only recently. But we’ve also been looking at the next 12 months too. Only the other morning we thought ‘What 12 things could you do in your life to improve your lifestyle’. It didn’t take long, but we came up with 12 of them…

1. Exercise… but with a friend
Exercising is a challenge. You need to be extremely motivated and dedicated. Having somebody there to help you get up and go helps things. It also makes the exercise more enjoyable.

2. Ensure you get your five a day by investing in a blender (or by popping into us every day!)
Remembering to eat fruit and/or vegetables five times a day can be tough. Something that helps this (other than popping into us regularly) is having a blender and making fruit-packed smoothies every day. In one go you can get three to four helpings of fruit

3. Set realistic goals (and don’t beat yourself if you don’t achieve them)
Having goals helps you achieve things and gives you something to aim for. Without them you’ll lose focus of what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. Set goals that are achievable. If you hit your goals, great. If you don’t, rather than beating yourself, figure out why you didn’t achieve them and try to make it happen the next time.

4. Use coconut oil when you’re cooking
In terms of cooking, coconut oil has a high smoke point, meaning it won’t burn easily. But it’s good for you too – it provides healthy fats which are great for cognitive functioning. Plus it tastes good too and isn’t as overpowering as you might think it is.

5. Drink herbal teas
Different herbal teas have different positive effects. For instance, ginger tea is a great digestive aid, chamomile is a great relaxing and sedative tea, while lemon balm tea is helpful for uplifting the spirits. If you’re not drinking herbal tea at present, we really do think you should start soon.

6. Get a good night’s sleep
You know how we recharge our phones to 100% every day so it operates properly? When we sleep we’re doing the exact same thing. Try to get between seven and nine hours every night to operate to the best of your ability every day.

7. Cut down on refined sugars
Refined sugars – those from sugar cane and beets – are bad for you in many ways. They’re bad for your teeth, they high in fructose which can overload your bladder, multiple studies show that eating a lot of sugar can lead to cancer, and sugars lead to obesity. Bottom line is this – try to cut them out to lead a healthier lifestyle.

8. Visit your GP regularly for check-ups
You know how your car gets a check up from a mechanic at least once every two years? Your body needs the same, especially for those in the 35 year+ age bracket. Make it your business to get a full check up over the next 12 years if you haven’t been to see your GP recently.

9. Drink lots of water… but to suit your thirst
Depending on what report you read, you should either drink three litres of water a day or drink to suit your thirst(ish). Here at The Bare Food Company we’re firm believers that, while you should drink plenty of water, you don’t need a minimum of three litres daily. Keep hydrated but not too hydrated.

10. Meditate
Finding time to meditate can be difficult, but it has many benefits. It helps you increase your self-awareness, it makes you grounded and calmer, it increases your consciousness and it rejuvenates you. Bring it in to your daily/weekly routine and you’ll start to see the benefits quickly.

11. Make sure you have time for you
You can eat all the healthy foods in the world and load your life with exercise, but if you don’t leave time for simply doing the things you enjoy and hanging out with the people you love most, you won’t reap the benefits.

12. Don’t cut out all fats
Not all fats are bad for you! The fats you’ll find in avocados, coconuts, cashew and brazil nuts are all good for you. Make sure whatever fats you eat are the beneficial ones and not the ones that are bad for you.