Our leaders lost over 70lbs! A massive weight off their minds…

The six weeks of Operation Bare Food are now well and truly over and the final results are in. Our four leaders collectively lost an amazing  71.6lbs – that’s over five stone! This was achieved thanks to eating healthy food (we can add here that they ate in our café every day!), a better understanding of the food they were eating and a strict regime of exercise thanks to our four personal trainers, 

It’s been a long, hard for our leaders but ultimately a very rewarding one. We couldn’t be happier for Chelene, Claire, Sandra and Michael on achieving this great result and are extremely proud that they drove themselves to the max and stuck to the plan.

Here’s how much our leaders lost over that 6 week period:-


Total weight loss to date: 1 stone 3.4lbs
Body fat lost: 5.9%


Total weight loss to date: 1 stone 2.2lbs
Body fat lost: 5.7%


Total weight loss to date: 1 stone 9.4lbs
Body fat lost: 14.9%


Total weight loss to date: 1 stone 0.6lbs
Body fat lost: 6.9%



If, like our leaders, you want to change to a healthier lifestyle, or try out your own transformation plan, you can. Simply log on to our Operation Bare Food page where you’ll weekly shopping lists, meals, recipes and exercises for the whole 6 weeks.