Operation Bare Food – Week 3 Results

It’s now three weeks since we began our six-week transformation plan ‘Operation Bare Food’. In those three weeks our leaders have changed how they eat, how they exercise and how they think about staying healthy. They’ve also seen some great results.

This week, not only will be letting you know how much weight they’ve lost, we’ve also got stats on how many centimetres they’ve lost also. This figure is a how much they’ve lost from their chest, waist, tummy, hips, right thigh, right calf, right bicep and neck:

  • Claire: 4lbs | 29.2cms
  • Chelene: 1.4lbs | 42.8cms
  • Sandra: 5.5lbs | 29.8cms
  • Michael: 2lbs | 34.6cms

Well done guys!

If you want to follow along you can – simply log on to our Operation Bare Food page where you will find the shopping list, meals, recipes and exercise for the week.